Wood Fence

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All our cedar fences are constructed using western red cedar pickets for there natural defense to the elements and pest.  Next we use pressure treated 2x4 rails that are attached to pressure treated 4x4 post using galvanized ring shank nails.  The post are set deep in the ground surrounded on all sides by hand mixed concrete, which  in return adds to the value and overall quality of the cedar privacy fence.

We also offer square and round galvanized steel post for added life and durability, these post are highly recommended due to there amazing strength, ability to stand up against the high winds that we get here in Oklahoma, and how they do not warp or rot like treated post can.  Steel post are a great option if you want your fence to be the last one you ever build,  they will keep the fence strong and straight for many many years.  They are the perfect defense to a back yard that stays wet or always damp.

For a more decorative look you can always add cedar cap board that runs along the top of the fence with cedar trim for a more finished look that is more decorative as it is stable.  This will enhance the look of your fence as well as strengthen. It can be used rolling with terrain or stepping, pulled straight or level.

Our crew can build these fence to any height but 6ft & 8ft are the most sought after, we specialize in building projects that demand perfection, and need to be done to a higher standard of quality.  our installations are overseen by the owner who is on the job as it is carried out, and we do not use subcontractors.  It's important to know that we take pride in our work and the  way your fence looks is important to us because our reputation and name is on the fence when we're done.  As always we appreciate your business.