Round rail is a treated fence that has dowelled rails that fit inside holes cut by machine in the post so that it all fits together by hand with no screws or fasteners at all, but rather is held together by the post set in concrete.  It is a very affordable fence that is slightly cheaper than privacy fence.  This fence can also have chain link that comes in a few different colors from green to black or just galvanized fastened of the fence.  Round rail comes in 4,5, and 6ft tall heights.  This is a very popular fence in the Tulsa and surrounding areas if privacy is not important.

Square rail is a treated fence that uses treated 4x4 or 6x6 post set in concrete, with 2x6 treated boards that are fastened to the post with galvanized ring shank nails, these are used for the rails.  This product is are most recommended of the rail style fences because of the strength and the fact that is is easily repaired, it is also the longest lasting out of the 3 styles.  This fence is most popular on ranches and frames, but more and more it is chosen by homeowners as well.  Square rail is also the cheapest out of the bunch.  Just like the other styles it comes in the same heights and can have chain link fastened to it as well.

Rustic rail is a great fence that uses ruff cut cedar for post and rails, it is great just like the other fences and works just like the round rail fence, in the way that the rails fit into the post and can have chain link applied to the fence.  This fence is only installed from 3-4ft heights and is great for sectioning off areas for gardening or just decoration.  It many cases this fence is used in country settings, but we have also installed this fence around homes in the Tulsa and surrounding areas.  This is a beautiful fence that is sure to add some rustic charm wherever it's installed.

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